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Saturday, May 17, 2014


This offering is a DIY prepper's dream come true. 40 acres of East Tennessee land that has the feel of being in your own park. Two building sites. One is down in the hollow and is ready for construction. The other is up on top of a steep ridge that is 60% complete. The ridge building site has a partially constructed earthbag house that is passive solar in design. The outer wall is 24” inches thick with a planned additional fieldstone outer covering, which will increase wall thickness approximately another foot. Owner can advise on construction method for completion. The ridge site also has a 32' foot pull behind trailer with 10X20 room addition that can be used for immediate living quarters. All it needs to winter over is a wood burning stove. Firewood is abundant. It is fitted with approximately 450 watts of solar panels which provide adequate power for the trailer. The ridge site has a 21X18 building with a working bathroom. It wouldn't take much to get this building to be live-in ready. Nice chicken coop with run. Raised bed garden filled with mushroom/manure compost. Watering system. Also has established a small muscadine vineyard. The property consists of two steep wooded ridges with a logging road/jeep trail. Abundant wildlife includes deer, turkey, and small game.


Below are several specific items that have received regular questions. If you have any additional questions or need further clarification please contact me. (details below)

                                          Sunset on the Knob.

                                          Earthbag walls of the Kiva

                                          Raised bed garden, Chicken Coup

                                Google Earth View of the Knob

WATER: The property has several springs. One is from the old 1800's homestead and it still produces plenty of water. It is down next to the blacktop. I've used a DC pump and my truck battery to fill plenty of gallons of water from this source. There is another strong spring at the driveway entrance that is untapped, but produced a strong and steady flow of water that currently feeds the creek. This could easily be developed. There are a couple of smaller springs along the creek and a seep springs up on the ridge line on the driveway cut. Neighbors had a well dug a few years back and hit good water at approximately 500 feet. The ridge building site is designed to utilize rainwater catchment and take advantage of gravity feed for water pressure, but you could add a well. 

LOCATION: Gobbler Knob is located in Union County, Tennessee. We're NW of Knoxville and the closest town is Maynardville. The county is lightly populated and has abundant natural resources and wildlife. Beautiful Norris Lake and the Clinch River are nearby. Chuck Swann Wildlife Area is just down Hwy 33 toward Tazewell. One thing about the knob is that it has the feel of being very remote and isolated, but is within 30-40 miles of all the conveniences of Knoxville. I can be at the East Towne business area (Mall, Walmart, Sam's, Lowe's, Home Depot, tons of restaurants, etc) in 25 minutes using backroads.

EARTHBAG KIVA: The Kiva is an earthbag house. Granted, many folks haven't heard of this technology, but it is a sound, proven and solid building process. There are plenty of pictures of it and the building process on this site. Feel free to check them out. I'll be glad to assist the new owner by spending a weekend teaching them the building method. The main building is over 60% complete and a two person crew working 8 hours per day could top out the walls in approximately a month. Then it would be just a matter of adding the roof and finish work. The kiva already has a septic tank and drain field.

OUT BUILDINGS: There are two buildings that are in addition to the main house at the building site. Westwind is a small stand-alone little cabin that is 85% complete. It has a three sided walk-around porch. Beautiful reclaimed poplar wood siding and a metal roof. It has a working bathroom with custom tile work. the main room is still unfinished, but wouldn't take long to finish it out. Our plans were to use this as an exterior office or guest bedroom. The other building is the 32 ft travel trailer with the room extension on the front. We lived in this structure for close to a year during construction. You could live in this while completing the main house.

SECOND BUILDING SITE: The main building site is situated on top of a commanding ridge that overlooks the Tennessee Valley to the South. There is another building site that has been approved by the county down in the hollow near the road. This could be developed or not. Would depend on what your vision or needs are for the Knob.

If you are interested in viewing this property you can contact Mr. Kevin O-Brien at 904-233-9002 or by email aries333 AT - This can also be viewed on John Wesley Rawles website

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